Thursday, July 16, 2009

“To Better the Man”

Relevant people in my life, family and friends, at first felt wronged by my decision to be part of this organization. It took me months, or even years, to prove to them that I didn’t make the wrong choice. Yet the long moment of waiting for their acceptance and blessing paid off anyway. Maybe it’s because they see the fulfillment and changes in me. This is not just any fraternity that displays examples which many people tend to misunderstand because of the usual negative effects. This is more than a family to me – a group of individuals who taught me countless lessons and advices in life. To give other people the benefit of the doubt, yes all things do have their good and bad sides. But with my Alpha Sigma Phi Family, I found more optimism than pessimistic misconceptions of those unaware of us.

One of the realms I’ve realized and proven is that despite our every difference – religion, politics, or even economic standings – we may still be bounded by one family with one common aim in life – " To Better the Man! "